La Vigne

Vin de Garage

History and Philosophy

La Vigne was born in the early 90s from one man’s desire to create a different kind of wine. I started a journey, a difficult and very tortuous one, like Ulysses in search of Ithaca. During this exploration, we often fell but always pushed on, heading to where our dreams led us in search of something unique and inimitable.

Thirty years of effort, sweat and toil have resulted in two wines, Fiore di Ciliegio and La Vigne.
It is not easy, in truth, to find words to describe my idea of ​​wine.

I began my enological journey in Montalcino, from where I appropriated the spirit of the Brunello. I also loved the Bordeaux, the Burgundy, the “vin de garage” culture.

My casks are generally made of American wood and I have adopted the spirit of that Land: a little rough, truth be told, but imbued with great freedom.

he grapes are from our Trentino region, and theirs are the colors of my paintings. Overall this passion for wine-making creates a particular musical harmony, flowing into unique compositions, year after year.

Wines that combine elegance and complexity.
Listen to them in silence.

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The Wines

Vin de Garage

vino fiore di cigliegio

Fiore di Ciliegio (Cherry Blossoms)

born thanks to a technique of partial drying (appassimento) and refermentation of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in our own vineyards.

It matures in American oak barrels for over 30 months.

The slow fermentation of a combination of fresh and dried grapes and the prolonged aging give rise to a complex and elegant wine.

It is a wine that we have dedicated to dreamers and to the purity of cherry blossoms.

La Vigne

La Vigne (il Ciliegino)

Il Ciliegino (meaning a small cherry) is also born of the same technique of partial drying and refermentation, but from a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon (60%), Merlot (20%) and Cabernet Franc (20%), grown in our vineyards of the Vallagarina valley.

It is matured in American oak barrels for 18/24 months.

It is an elegant and unique wine.


The Vineyards

Our vineyards are mainly found in the municipality of Isera and consist of vines that are between 15 and 35 years old.
They have a southern, south-eastern exposure, growing in clay and sandy soils, rich in gravel and pebbles, located at an altitude between 200-250 meters above sea level.

Approximately 3.5 hectares produce 15,000-18,000 bottles per year.

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